Kitchen & Bathroom Mold Removal

Kitchen and Bathroom Mold Removal Indianapolis

Because kitchens and bathrooms are areas with lots of water use, they are a prime areas for mold growth. Sinks, bathtubs, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and refrigerators all have water sources.  At some point, one of those items may have a leak. And unfortunately, these leaks tend to be hard to find and can go undetected for quite some time.  Kitchens are one of the main sources of “hidden mold” in your house. But Mold Removal Indianapolis can help.







Our professional technicians are trained to find even the most obscure mold spots in your home. If you need kitchen or bathroom mold removal services, give us a call today. Mold Removal Indianapolis has over 25 years of experience and has earned numerous awards from the BBB, Angie’s List and more.

Common Mold Growth Areas:

  • Under Flooring
  • Inside Cabinets
  • Between Cabinets and Dry Wall

If water is allowed to leak from the kitchen sink for example, you will have water damage that more than likely will lead to mold growth in the cabinet, under the cabinet, and between the cabinet and the wall. You might notice the damaged cabinet shelf, but you more than likely wouldn’t see any of the other potential areas of mold growth! Unfortunately, the mold is usually further reaching than just what you can easily see.

Mold in bathrooms is similar. Water drips or leaks from the bathroom sink could cause mold inside the vanity, under the vanity, and also, between the vanity and the dry wall. Then there is the shower or bath tub itself.  Ceramic tile showers can leak water over time from cracks in the grout. If the tiles were attached to drywall, you could have a major mold problem!

Prevent More Damage – Call Us Today!

Untreated mold can cause a variety of problems not only to the structure of your home, but also to you and your family’s health. Mold in your home can lead to air quality issues that cause or exacerbate health issues like asthma and allergies. The faster you remove the mold and its cause, the less damage it will cause.

Mold Removal Indianapolis has the experience and expertise to handle all of these problem areas. We have worked on hundreds of mold removal projects in kitchens and bathrooms. We have the ability to handle both the mold removal and the restoration parts of the job.

Indianapolis Mold Remediation Experts

If you notice mold growth anywhere in your home or business, give us a call. Our Indiana mold remediation experts will respond quickly to mitigate as much damage as possible. We follow all IICRC and EPA protocols and are PMII certified. We also offer residential mold services,  attic mold removal, and commercial mold services. We proudly service Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Avon, Greenwood, Westfield, Brownsburg, Lawrence, and Mooresville IN.

If you need professional mold inspection, remediation or restoration services in the Indianapolis area, give us a call today. We are happy to offer free estimates to all potential customers!

Work with experts who know the correct way to deal with your mold issues.


We follow proper mold removal protocols put forth by the EPA, IAQA, & IICRC.
Mold Removal Awards Credentials Certifications

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We needed an estimate on some foundation work and their team was absolutely great to work with and on time. Great customer service and experts. If you need something definitely check these guys out.

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Seriously could not say one bad thing about the company or the people we interacted with. They answered promptly, scheduled our visit, and had a quote to us in no time. We decided to partner with A+ Restoration and the crew should up right on time and was very friendly.

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We had a bit of mold show up and were worried that there might be a bigger issue. Jeff came out, gave us a free estimate and helped us figure out how to deal with it ourselves! He gave us options, insight and peace of mind. I would highly recommend him.

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Our basement flooded this past week. We had called serv pro, but were told it would be 2 days before they could come out. We called A+ Restoration and they were at our house in 45 minutes! Much better response time! A+ did a great job. We are so glad we got them to come out!

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Did a great job with remediation, at a great price. Jeff was prompt in communication and helpful with any questions asked along the way.

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I was very happy with my experience with A+ Restoration. They were very prompt, very professional. Did a great job of explaining the process that needed to be completed, then doing it! I highly recommend them.

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